Rental Gear


Only one set of gear per member?  No problem!  We offer departments with only one set of gear the opportunity to get their bunker gear serviced with our Rental Program*.  You will be given enough gear to cycle through your current gear through the cleaning, inspection and repair process.

*Just pay $95 per piece or $185 per coat and pant set for use and the cleaning and inspection of the gear upon its return.  Repairs not included.

Probationary Firefighter

Not sure if that proby is going to make the cut?  Why spend money to purchase new gear on someone who may not be there tomorrow?  Long term rentals available

Rental Gear for Training and Fire Training School

Please email us to find out about our different rental programs.

Rental Gear for Emergency Response

We can provide you with rental gear if your bunker gear is out of service due to an emergency or if you are waiting for new gear.

Our Rental Gear is 100% NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1851 Compliant to the Current Standard


YOU DID YOU KNOW… Insurance Claims

Whether you are a fire department or an insurance company, we can provide you with gear while the regular gear is being cleaned, decontaminated, and repaired.

We have years of experience working as a liaison with fire departments and insurance companies on insurance claims.